Generated Anki decks

Learning French from English is sometimes tricky. Especially with recognizing the difference between certain words, like au-dessous vs au-dessus (below vs above). So I decided to generate an Anki deck with audio files pulled from's API that are distinguishable by a single phoneme (the ones I find myself distinguishing). To read my process, please see the README in the Github repository.

The other deck, the numbers deck, consists of 2500 audio files generated through IBM Cloud's text to speech generator. It is the first 2500 numbers in French with their corresponding words and numerical representation. It is sometimes hard to understand French numbers because it uses a mixed decima/vigesimal system (seventy is sixty-and-ten, eighty is four-twenties, and ninety is four-twenties-and-ten).

These projects are simple, but I am proud of them. I seem to have helped a lot of people learning French with them.

The minimal pairs deck, in particular, required a lot of strategizing for dealing with the api rate limits (500 requests per day) and the combinatorial explosion of comparing minimal pairs.