life.swp 2020-06-16

Kind of a quick update just to keep the flow of writing.

Last weekend I registered for keybase; got my new email address, m at, working with everything; got my old email domain (still active),, ported over to fastmail; and updated all my passwords in passwordstore to a new gpg key, mas88 <>.

Porting the new gpg key to my two yubikeys was a bit of a nightmare. I was following the yubikey guide and treating it entirely too nonchalantly for someone who hasn't mucked about with gpg cards for almost a year and a half. I ended up creating three different subkeys and the last one was for both signing and encrypting. The result being that for whatever reason the passwordstore was being encrypted with a different subkey than I was porting to the yubikey. Scrapped the last subkey, created a new one just for signing, re-ported everything over to the two yubikeys, and I was back in business. Kind of a nightmare as it went, though.

One thing I'm super happy about is all the backing up I did. I have the spare yubikey, but I also take the 3-2-1 rule a bit farther than it warrants.

The 3-2-1 rule states that data should be backed up with 3 different copies, on 2 different mediums, and one copy should be offsite.

So here's what I do:

It is highly likely that I will never need this much backup protection, but it didn't seem that difficult to produce the extra backup once I was producing just a little. The warehouse copy is stored in a tyvek envelope sealed with packaging tape so it's pretty impervious to moisture. In general, I feel pretty backed up.

The reason this is so much easier is because I don't need to back up most of my data. My passwords are a passwordstore repo stored in a private repo on my Github, 3 different personal computers, and my phone. Most of everything else that's important to me is a Github repo stored on Github. So the only thing I have to be extra careful with is my gpg key.

So anyway, besides the gpg key and all the other stuff, I'm still working through Kaggle's material and I started learning Go with Kernighan's book. I'm also dicking around with Rust. I feel like I need a systems language. And I'm continuing to mess with HackerRank. I should consider going more in depth with algos and data structures. I don't know much general graph theory.

Anyway, that's it for today.

Oh, and if you're curious about the naming scheme on this post, a status update seemed kinda like an autosave, so I went with the name scheme vim uses for autosaved files. It takes the current file and appends .swp. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm a dork, sue me.